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How Do I Sue?

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How do I sue ASR for the abuse I underwent as a student in their care?

The obvious answer is, you hire an attorney. Was there something more specific you were wanting?

In the meantime, consider sharing your experience in the ASR thread. ... rum=9&1818

Been there done that what I am more specifically looking for is what ASR will do to protect their precious reputation? Will they play dirty lowball?

May be able to have your cake and eat it too. Appears a precedent was set with the Alldredge/Ayne suit.

Paul and Diana Lewis and the Alldredge Academy in Davis settled for $1.2 million with a stipulation that the academy would admit responsibility for the death. [Way to go Lewises]
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Perhaps this isn't a precedent, but I don't recall it ever happening in the industry.

Never settle. The truth about your treatment needs to be told in open court.
I suggest getting in touch with Phil Elberg. His record is 5 wins out of seven cases (I think) against the tough love industry. If he doesn't take your case he can probably point you in the right direction.


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