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3rd Annual Conference on Treatment Abuse - July 25, 26 and 2


It's that time again.  The date has been set for the 3rd annual conference on treatment abuse.   The place is again in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  The dates are  25, 26 and 27 of July.  This is the last weekend in July.  The actual site of the hotel and conference location are still being discussed.   The conference this year is sponsered by Survivors and Friends for the Ethical Treatment of Youth or SAFETY Net.  SAFETY Net is a not for profit corporation in the State of Florida dedicated to helping survivor's of harmful treatment programs (among other things) Stay advised for more info.... look forward to seeing y'all there.


Michael Sherman, Vice-Chair, SAFETY Net

Straight Survivor '76 - '80
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conference is only a couple of weeks don't want to miss it.  It's gonna be great again this year...see ya there guys.


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