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kt don't post on this site anymore. only share personal messages. if they know you are communicating here and reporting their abuse they will stop your internet access.  The cult disiples read this site and will have no compunction informing your tormenters that you are attempting to escape. Personal Message psyborgue. the guy who  just spoke to you. he is the administrator of this site and will help you. He will get you in touch with these orgs. or get in touch with them yourself. Pm kat whithead or charles huffine at cafety. don't leave any messages on the forum because bb can see it

--- Quote from: "psy" ---
--- Quote from: "kt" ---I am also having a bad time, me and her ^ are sticking together, when ever i reach out to staff i am shunted around, and then when i give up going to staff the yell at us and room us. I sort of convinced my parents that i would be healthyr in a program more focused on family and depression rather then rules and punishment.
I had a dream last night that i ran and got home and when i woke up to someone yelling at me to get up i cried.
--- End quote ---

When I was in progra, I had a dream my mother was trying to kill me, so i've been there.

--- Quote ---they say that cliques are "not as bad here" that is one of the bullshits that they tell you. in fact they are worse.
I have been here almost 12 weeks and my mom had to force them to let me come home for 5 days durring thanksgiving. they say that it is an "indevidualized" program, yeah my ass.
--- End quote ---

Well.  Individual as your parents financial situation, if you get my drift.

--- Quote ---ha the "rigorus" accademics, no not at all school is a joke, you show up to do the elementery school work and you pass.
as for the handpicking staff, no maybe 1/10 of the staff has ANY phycology backround whatsoever.
and the exercize everyday... ahhhhhhhh......... no
My birthday is in 3 days, and i get a ten minute phone call with my parents as the present. nice
--- End quote ---

I won't ask how you manage to get online here, but I wouldn't let it on to staff.  They might not approve of this site and it's members generally anti-forced-"treatment" leanings.

--- Quote ---and saying that the community around supports us is a big fat lie, we went to one of the stores around here during parent visit and told the casheer that i was from BBS, and she laughed and said the fuck-up school? haha
--- End quote ---

Hey.  You're not a fuck up.  Nobody found you guilty of a crime and sentenced you to the place.  There was no due process.  Even if you fucked up, it doesn't make you a fuck up.  Fucking up is part of growing up.  Those who don't fuck up rarely learn, and some only learn by fucking up.

--- Quote ---as for saying that we all help eachother grow is another gross exageration. all day i hear about how "when im outta here all i wanna do is smoke a blunt, wanna join me?"
all the talk around school is drugs sex, violence and partying. and they want us to get better?
--- End quote ---

Define "better".  Be who you are.  Be who you want to be.  Be yourself.  Don't let them convince you there is something wrong with you unless you came to that conclusion on your own without pressure from others.  As I said, part of growing up is fucking up.  I know/knew lots of successful guys and gals in college and on the job who "fucked up" as teenagers and now they're fine.  A couple smoked pot daily for their entire high school days.  Now they make bank in the IT industry.  One was into crystal meth for a few years before he quite (without NA, I might add, which he tried and ended up coming to the conclusion that it was a cult).  Now, he works for Apple, teaching others how to do creative things on computers.  Judging by most of the kids I knew in program, a very large percentage did not "need" to be there, by any acceptable definition.  Your parents succumbed to the marketing of a program advertising to change you into what they want you to be.  If that's not what you want than you have every right to either outwardly oppose what they are doing to you, or quietly slip under the radar by "faking it".

--- Quote ---the SAT prep is a joke, the teacher is our head misstriss and she never shows up to her own class
it says on the website that is has a course of "Demanding college prep" no no no, the girld that are seinors have no idea what to do and who to talk to. some of them go to a class a week at CCV a community college, it is apperantly also a joke, the teacher is as dumb as dirt

"Girls will also be encouraged to express themselves through the arts of drawing, painting, pottery, photography, chorus, music instruction, writing, sharing family traditions and ceremony, meditation, visualization and relaxation exercises, and through maintaining a guided journal." direct quote from site, what journal is this? i am in every art class. i have no journal
--- End quote ---

Well.  It's marketing.  Usually with little relation to truth.  My sense is that the reason they don't let your parents talk to you much is that if you did talk, you both would figure out the program was just using you (and them) to make a buck...  at least that's the conclusion my parents and I came to when we talked it out... but wait until you're in a "safe" situation to breach that topic to your parents if you choose to.  The worst place to try it is on a vacation or home visit, in which case you'll probably be sent back, Isolated, etc... (at least that is what happened to me).

--- Quote ---"Bromley Brook School diplomats are well-prepared for college. The faculty guides students as they study for their college board examinations, including the SAT and ACT tests."
also a direct quote. the whole website is dripping with lies and disgusting exagerations.

oh no i have to go
--- End quote ---

Take care, and again, be careful about staff seeing you post on this particular website.  Many posters here have a sort of gripe with the industry of which they are a part.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---You know, and yet you leave her there.

Lemme know when she gets raped, 'k?
--- End quote ---

This post from 3.5 years ago was sadly prescient. A mom was writing that she was aware of risk to her daughter, but left here there anyway. Now we have an investigation of child sexual abuse against multiple girls there.

Auntie Em

Same asshole who made that post speaking. My surprise meter isn't even wiggling.

The Fornits administrators apparently took down the porn story that was posted in response to my post, above (thank you). It contained inappropriate sexualizing of minor children, and fantasizing about rape and criminal sexual conduct against a minor. Just like the staff member at Bromley Brook School.

And like the person who posted the story.

Oh, and also like the staff at Mount Bachelor Academy, another Aspen Education Group school recently closed down by the State of Oregon for, among other things, having girls dress as French maids and do lap dances on the staff and other students.

Auntie Em


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---Same asshole who made that post speaking. My surprise meter isn't even wiggling.
--- End quote ---
Sorry to say you were right...

Auntie Em


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