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The inevitable death of Art Barker

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reply to cleveland, may 9 'we all went there for security and belonging? i personally find that astonishing... i went there because they falsely testified that substances in my posession were illegal drugs... much too late those substances were identified by a hospital toxicology lab as just what i said they were... water purification tablets, a rx de-congestant, vitamin tablets... a clergyman in pinellas told me that they were in common practice of plantingevidence, and perjured testimpony against him... co-erced testimony in fact... a teacher in dade was told that evidence would be supplied against him if he tried to intervene on my, mesdamme, i went there scared to death and looking for  way out.. ::unhappy::  pls don't mis-understand me.. i'm new to the internet and am amused mby these stupid emoticons

I'll kick your arse:

Cookie Monster:
Art died, I'm sure a lot of people deserve to know of this


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