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The inevitable death of Art Barker

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i'm just wondering how we say "you die bitch"

and sign off with love and peace

I would thank God for having someone that came along and helped many people survive and live a better life.  I truly believe his intentions were good.

there is an old wise saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

The Alterboy:

--- Quote ---On 2006-05-09 15:32:00, Anonymous wrote:

"i'm just wondering how we say "you die bitch"

and sign off with love and peace"

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's so unchristian! I think maybe it's time for a reading from The Sermon On The Mount by Emmit Fox. He was just such a wise and wonderful man. I think you all could learn from his insights.

Now, I think we should all snap our fingers and swing our hands back and forth for a dozen rounds of Zippety Do Dah!


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er, no thanks alterboy.

The forced singing of zip it dee do da is so horrible that baby seals have been known to club themselves to death upon hearing the agony of teenagers compelled to sing it in exchange for a shot at freedom.


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