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The inevitable death of Art Barker

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"Do you people piss on many graves? Maybe its the part of the county you come from.  


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I'm from Ft. Lauderdale. You?

People say that, but I think it's the other way around. Life is too damned long to suffer fools. I'll think well of those who impress me, thanks very much.
Religion is just mind control.
--George Carlin, comedian
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Ft. Lauderdale:
No actually Stripe set it up & no I don't think it was funny & yes I do have a sence of humor.

I'm going to take the long view and say that the Seed was an inevitable reaction to the counterculture of the '60s - if it hadn't been Art, it would have been someone else. And even without Synanon, AA provided a quasi-religious framework that can be used, and perhaps abused, by anyone who wants to set up their own AA-style group. I understand that AA is against this, and is supposed to be non-political, and non-personality, but look at the worship of founder Bob W. Anyway, someone somewhere would have tried to save kids from drugs, and althought the Seed had issues and may have been fundamentally wrong (as proven by the abuses in later copy-cat programs) I tnink Art genuinely cared and thought he was doing the right thing. Sure, ego and control played into the Seed's strength and weaknesses, and we can argue all day over whether individual people were helped or harmed, (and I think both things occured) but whatever your view is, we were a part of a big social phenomena that is still ongoing today. Personal animosity towards Art is going to happen, but from what I've read on other forums, the Seed was a comparitive piece of cake. Not to minimize anyone's problems with the Seed, but we, as a society, bought into this, or at least our parents did, and until we have some sanity about drugs, (and sex and rock and roll - er, rap) will be in this pickle for a while. I have a one year old now and do I want her deeply involved in drug culture? No. Do I want her to be a rigid, religious fanatic anti-counterculture crusader? No. I want a balanced, thoughtful, open person who enjoys her life and has a sense of humor. I hope she has good friends and family. So - I digress, but that's what we were all looking for thru the Seed - security and belonging and hope.

Johnny G:
Well said Cleveland


I agree well said....I think about Ginger...she had more invested.  I feel like I did my time and moved on with my life.  Art was a survivor.  He invested his intrests with the kids who came from money.  The people that became staff were kids that came from a lot of green... cookie, terry & suzie come to the top of my head. I am still interested in the Plain Dealer article about Cookie's inheritence going to the seed. Of course I haven't been doing any research since I posted that first question to this site...what happened to cookie and her inheritence....cuz that was a main brainwashing rap... when I grow I am going to be a lawyer and put kids in the seed and give all my money to the seed. The f----ing seed city.  I was like please you people are out to total lunch... I want a life...and I got one.  So Art YOU HAVE YOUR F____ING KARMA YOU DIE BITCH FOR ALL THE PEOPLE YOU F---- UP BUT YA DIDN'T GET ME. I have done this life too many times and your comming back and doing earth school again and somebody is gonna teach that ego right.....LOVE&PEACE  Karen K

hmmmmm Did that sound a little harsh???Please respond


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