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Bethesda Home for Girls

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Lori and I are from same home town we kept in touch over the years but she moved to Georgia. Is she on the survivor sisters @yahoo I joined tonight but web master hasn't checked me in yet so I can't get in . My name is Karen if you talk to her give my email [email protected]

hey, cloud9 lady, I see you are from Louisiana.  I am from New Orleans, but relocated.  where are you from?

I'm in Baton Rouge.

I was also in Bethesda from 1985-1986, would love to get in touch with anyone. We do have a group on Yahoo under Bethesdagirls_redemptionranchboys


--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---Hi, I am looking for anyone who was at the Bethesda Home for girls during 1977 to 1880.  I spent 2 years there, not by choice.  I was there the first time when Beth, the girl who was hit by the train and had her leg cut off, was there.  I was sent there at 15 and left right before my 18th birthday.  I knew the Barnwells very well during those 2 years.  I would be interested to hear anyone who was there at that time.  I reccently found a copy of the "Family Altar" book on the homes for May of 1978 from my parents basement.  There is a photo in there of the 5 girls that were in charge of all of us at that time.  I am 44 years old now and am just now cruising the web to see if anyone else experienced what I did.  We SOOOOO weren't aloud to talk to one another about how we really felt inside.

--- End quote ---


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