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Five more clippings on Tranquility Bay....


Five more clippings on Tranquility Bay....1.





Gotta warn ya.......some of the crap in these links such is propaganda city, that it could turn one's stomach sour........

Five more clippings on Tranquility Bay   Good work,Ken.Much thanks for digging these up for us. As a parent who was faced with the same circumstances as the woman from Elk Grove I can certainly empathize with her. But she is doing what I did- turning her child over to an all-knowing, all-curative program which in reality does nothing more than to deprive her child of the liberties that even Charles Manson enjoys.

Re: Five more clippings on Tranquility Bay.... thanks for posting that stuff, ken.

lots to discuss. but the last link, the response by

lisa, who says that people who work in those type

of places do what they do out of love and dedication-

that's a good one.

in my experience at straight, (new england 87-89) i

think it was almost a requirement to be on staff that

you be a power-hungry control freak. remember those

friday night reviews? it all goes with the territory. give

these people dominion over other creatures and this is

what happens. every once in a while we see on the news,

video tape of employees of some pet-sitting place abusing

the animals. we've all seen it. same thing at these places.

we get sent there, they brainwash us, we "come to believe"

the bulls**t, and if we're good enough - they bring us on

board to steer the ship. yell or get yelled at.

i can see that other mom's point about being willing to

do whatever to save their kid. but i have no kids, and will

not any time soon, so i can't really comment either way.

hell! maybe the program has done some good for some

people. i guess it did some good for me. but the bad always

outweighs the good in these places.

and there is something i find very wrong with transporting

people out of the US against their will. what happens at customs? what airline lets them do this? this is insane!!!

i know we/they were/are minors, but for ____'s sake,

isn't this the United States?????????????????????????

Re: Five more clippings on Tranquility Bay.... Classic cult behavior, the facility has its own lawyers, and at least according to them competent and literate staff, why then are they having program parents write to the paper. Because that is what cults do, they let the beleivers do the talking and the scam artists who run the place only speak to the insiders.

   That other facility in Mexico that was spoken of in one of the letters is probably this one featured in the teenbusting article on

Slavish discipline makes a slavish temper... If severity carry'd to the
highest pitch does prevail, and works a cure upon the present unruly
distemper, it often brings in the room of it a worse and more dangerous
disease, by breaking the mind; and then, in the place of a disorderly young
fellow, you have a low spirited moap'd creature, who, however with his
unnatural sobriety he may please silly people, who commend tame unactive
children, because they make no noise, nor give them any trouble; yet at
last, will probably prove as uncomfortable a thing to his friends, as he
will be all his life an useless thing to himself and others... Beating them,
and all other sorts of slavish and corporal punishments, are not the
discipline fit to be used in the education of those we would have wise,
good, and ingenuous men...
John Locke, 1692


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