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Kristen Chase was a very good friend of mine.  She died a Challenger in 1990 of dehydration.  It was betwen our sophomore and junior years in high school.  Ii remeber the day vividly,  Ihad just gotten home and turned on the TV and there she was, her High school picture from the year before and then the TERRIBLE news.  How the camps were ever able to operate is beyond me.  Thanks for the post and making these tragedies be known to more people.

I was in that program and witnessed abuse myself.  One girl fell behind the pack with the owner's brother, rumor is he raped her while they were back there.  I was in the back of the pack when he walked by me holding her above his head in a military press fashion.  He got about 20 ft. in front of me when he body slammed her to the ground and turned to us hungry, thirsty and tired kids and said to get her to camp anyway we wanted.  I watched a few kids curse and beat her all the way to camp.  It was horrible.  I can't remember if your friend was her, but my condolences go out to you for the loss of your friend.

If he had an indecent relationship with her, it would not have been his first with female students. According to a now retired website, there was another girl who was molested by him. I wonder what he does now for a living. It could be interesting to track him as people with his behavior cannot give up their lifestyle easily.


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