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first off, i have never been in any behavior mod. program. but i am looking for information here, i've searched and found little to help me. i've read a lot here on fornits, but this is my first post.

okay, so as an outsider i've got a pretty solid idea of the wwasp prototype, and scl in particular, as that is where my fiancee was held captive for about two years. he's been out a year and a few monthes now. i see what its done to him in the form of flashbacks, rage, etc. it hurts me.

now what i'm looking for is info on vision quest, in specific, the facility in arizona. all i've found is starling deathlists covering various visionquest places. one of my closest friends was sent there at the end of last november, where she still is, and i am terribly terribly worried for her. from what i heard from her grandmother, they signed away all rights and custody and want nothing more to do with her. i'd assume shes stuck till shes 18, which is unfortunately another 2 years away. does anyone have any experiential info on this place? is it similiar to wwasps? is there anything i can do for her from here (i currently live in wa state)?

thanks in advance for any responses,

honestly the best thing she can do is just follow there rules, dont talk back and do as they say.  I was in the same situation, and unfortunetly it took me two years to learn, two years of getting my ass kicked before i learned, then i just obeyed and got bye the best i could.  i was in vq for almost 4 years, got out right before i turned 18.  it was not fun.

well thanks for the reply. i'm worried sick about her. question, if i am over 18 and she has no legal quardian besides the state is it at all possible to gain custody of her? it seems doubtful, but if theres a possibility i'm willing to check it out.

the state probably has custody of her, and you being only 18 it is very doubtful.  when i was 13 i was in a group home and one of the staff members there wanted to get legal guardianship of me before i went into vision quest and they wouldnt allow it because i was in state custody.  things may be diffeent in your state so i dont know.  the best thing she ccan do is work with them , it is the only wat she will get threw , write her every day, let her know you are there, there is a lot of free time, time to get into trouble, give her things to look fowsrd to (your letters) you can email me if youd like, i spent alot of time in that place, if i can help in anyway i would really like to

[email protected]

Actually, if you can get in contact with her, tell her to slash her wrists (horizontally, not vertically- don't want her to actually die here) if at all possible, and beat her face into a wall if it isn't. They WILL throw her out if she constantly self-injures.

Weeks of pain and a broken nose > two years in hell.


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