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Troll Control:

--- Quote ---On 2006-04-17 07:59:00, Anonymous wrote:

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A number of the applications ask specifically about suspensions or expulsions. We face this problem with my son (current hs junior). I was told that you should be completely honest because the information is likely to pop up somehow.

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You're getting a free life lesson on the veracity of that opinion. :lol:  :lol:  :lol: "

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Oh, this is precious.  Came full-circle on you, huh, Karen?


--- Quote ---Your "friends" over at ST: get a clue Overlordd---they think you're a joke over there too, it's called "humoring the crazy person"
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OH- the irony, coming from you Karen.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


--- Quote ---And, my brilliant Deborah, are you contending that these troubled teens are manipulative solely because their parents have taught them to be so?
You really have a high opinion of parents, don't you?
You are such an angry bitch.
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I think they call this "projecting".

Keep your eyes peeled for Karen's posting style, and if you find any more Karen Klassics? post 'em up here. Those anon posts were just from one thread! Let's get the thread views up into the tens of thousands!!

:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:


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