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Vision Quest is a Sad Place

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"You can play a real assit role in getting VQ investigated and possible shutdown. I would consider using a hidden camera and documenting as much as possible and hopefully catch them on tape doing illegal things, abuse, ect. Franklin is the camp site that had one building and right in back of it had a rec feild and behind the rec feild had all those tipis tents the students slept in?

I urge and beg you, please get a hidden camera and document that place, they have no business caring for teens whatsoever!

You can make a real difference.


Brought to you by The Elan Reporter, the only reliable source for all your up to date Elan happenings.

Look at the freak

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I worked there several years ago myself at the boot camp.  And I know what you mean about the full circle "program."  There's no program at all.  And I definitely noticed the blase outlook of their staff.  As far as doing something to get it shut down, I would suggest taking the advice of contacting agencies.  You could contact DPW directly and tell them your concerns.  I would not suggest secret video taping as it would breaking the confidentiality of the youth and would have serious legal implications for you as well as get you banned from working with kids in the future.

Wow! I was a youth in the west coast program for a year and 6 months around 1986. I had been on my own since 14 because life on the street was safer than home, I was arrested 7 times before I hit 16, placed in a group home and made a ward of the court. Went to VQ shortly after. And I loved it! It changed my life! I did see a couple of staff get a little rough but nothing major, I heard a kid died a couple years ahead of me from a heart problem. I know I had to go thru an extensive physical before they would release me to the program. I am not saying all the kids that died were from Physiological unforeseeable's, but I would guess that would be the bulk of them. VQ was tough! Physically and mentally. All the staff I knew were good people with good intentions. They had a great program that was consistent and was pro talk about your problems, never did I have a problem asking a staff to talk and have them say "no" It was a great environment.

Since leaving VQ I have gone to college, started my own business and am raising two beautiful, smart, well rounded children. Not tosay all the grass has been green, but without VQ I would not have achieved any of this.


Miller Newton? Is that you? :roflmao:

Leave visionquest as soon as possible.  I worked for Abraxas for three weeks and quit because of the staff abuse.  Dont risk your career, leave before you are blamed.


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