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Vision Quest is a Sad Place

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I actually work for this place in Franklin PA, and there is only a small number of staff there for all the right reasons, I am currently looking for another job, I love working with kids and took this chance with VQ, and have been dissapointed from day one, this is nothing more than a warehouse for kids with zero help and treatment being offered, They do not have a clue, I am at the RTF part of the facility so there is no Boot Camp mentality, it is just a few long houses (warehouses) full of kids, Sadly I would say 80% of the kids there really want to get some help and VQ ignores them, I have spent some time on individual basis working with some of them, to try and do my part, but it is a loosing battle with this place, I wish DPW or another agency would really take a strong look at this place and just shut it the hell down.

Have you been in touch with ISAC?  Maybe they call help you in some way?

Or try ...

The Elan Reporter:
You can play a real assit role in getting VQ investigated and possible shutdown. I would consider using a hidden camera and documenting as much as possible and hopefully catch them on tape doing illegal things, abuse, ect. Franklin is the camp site that had one building and right in back of it had a rec feild and behind the rec feild had all those tipis tents the students slept in?

I urge and beg you, please get a hidden camera and document that place, they have no business caring for teens whatsoever!

You can make a real difference.

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Look at the freak
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i suggest calling the officials in charge of the recent investigation and telling them your concerns.

or heres some websites that sell hidden cameras if you feel like going James Bond style


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