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--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---Tell me anyone, if you can't remember where you lived when you were 11?
It's not like being in the womb. Where did you go to the 6th grade? Some coincidence to move back to the same town decades later.
--- End quote ---
I was taken to Synanon when I was 13. I had no idea where I was, only that my flight was from Las Vegas to California. Youre completely void of contact with the outside world.

Thanks for posting. I was in a off-shoot program called Marathon House. Joe Geranamo was our Director and he was very familiar with folks from Synanon. Joe was actually connected with Daytop prior to his employment with Marathon House.
I have not had any success finding anyone (residents or employees) that went to Marathon House in Rhode island.  
I was 14 when I was sent to this facility.
Good luck with your search.



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