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Looking for Ex-Synanon Members?

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Wayne, the real Danny has not posted in this thread yet. Look at the joined dates and the number of posts.
But you already knew that, didn't you?


Im looking for other ex Synanon members. I was in California at the Ranch during 1978-79.  I was 13-14 years old. My name is Lisa. I was able to get two other teens out, Dehlia and Lynn. Names I remember are Linda Favre, Elizabeth, Petra, Della, Beth, Dehlia and Lynn. If youre out there and you were in Synanon during those years, please contact me. I want to fill in the missing pieces. [email protected]


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---Yes, that is where we are "hanging out". Some are reliving their fond memories and getting reacquainted, while others (me) are trying to figure out what the hell happened to us (I was a kid), why it happened, and dealing with the trauma with those who experienced the same abuse, at the same time at the same place. I appreciate that it is not open to the public, I don't need or want the whole world knowing the hell I lived in and how it could have f*cked up my entire life if I let it.

It's kind of like support groups, you shouldn't join if you didn't have the same experience ex: rape counseling, battered wife syndrome, alcoholism.etc.... There might even be a ton of support groups for kids who have survived all the different schools and camps and even then you would find that those who went to the same school would congregate towards each other. The Synanon site is no exception. It's the umbrella and we all have our different ways within it.
--- End quote ---
It's not hard to log on to the official Synanon site. It might be the best way to find each other.


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