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@evaderci: I would strongly recommend that you ignore the pics (avatars) associated with the posts on this thread and focus very carefully on the usernames instead.

This thread appears to have generated significant troll interest, and certain fornits posters have copied other folks' avatars and are using them, sometimes changing them several times per day, in an attempt to confuse you and/or others.

Posters who have engaged in the copying and usage of other folks' avatars in this here particular thread thus far include: DannyB.II, DannyB. ll, Troublemaker, YV23, and Wayne Kernochan. Some or all of these individuals could even be the same person.

Avatars used thus far have been copied from the profiles of none-ya, (the real) DannyB II, Anti-Troll, psy, and myself.

=> So... again: keep careful focus on the actual userNAME itself, sometimes also the user ID#, join date, and approximate number of posts, keeping in mind that lookalikes and look-similars to targeted individuals sometimes proliferate... :D

I plead not guilty


--- Quote from: "DannyB.II" ---I plead not guilty
--- End quote ---
Indeed, I would've not expected any less from you, requisite avatar rotation in response to my post included.

It's always nice to have one's "faith" in the wiles of trolldom so unequivocably confirmed! :twofinger:

DannyB. ll:
I blame Mark Babitz


--- Quote from: "DannyB. ll" ---I blame Mark Babitz
--- End quote ---
Ah. And I see that you are, not surprisingly, sporting his avatar of choice. Good show there, mate! :rofl:


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