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--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---A compelling story indeed.Tell me, you just happen to move to Santa Monica, And you didn't remember that's where synanon was? Why would you go back there?
--- End quote ---
I can't really speak for evaderci, but I imagine when you are eleven years old, you might not remember the specific name of the town/city in which your institution of torment was located, quite as well as you might when even a few years older... However, she sure remembered the actual physical place alright. She went "completely white," and then "collapsed on the sand" when her husband told her it used to be Synanon.

Tell me anyone, if you can't remember where you lived when you were 11?
It's not like being in the womb. Where did you go to the 6th grade? Some coincidence to move back to the same town decades later.

DannyB. ll:
I was in Daytop, Daytona, Days Inn, Synanon, Cinnabon and Cincinnati. Then I turned 12 and was sent to prison, served three years in the Army, and came out in time to get sent to Elan

Then at 13 I started a million man construction company and spend all my time relaxing on the internet  :nods:

None-ya: Let me be more specific... I remember being at Synanon and that it was in California. As I grew up, I realized it was located specifically in Santa Monica. I moved to Southern California from the East coast as an adult over 30 years later. I did not remember the EXACT building that is now the Casa Del Mar, until it was brought to my attention.  What is your question's point of WHY did I move back to Southern California? Did you read my initial post? I'm seeking some closure about my experience, not an interrogation as to why I moved my residence. Are you questioning the validity of an experience (mine) that you did not have? Or did you? If you can't offer anything further, why don't you just move on?

None Ya is our resident online bully and troll. He or she thinks he or she is some kind of program sage

She is a welfare bum who trolls survivors and has a fixation on me.



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