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John Mercer- exceptionally intelligent... con man
« on: February 28, 2006, 06:55:00 PM »
Most of you know John Mercer, our NATSAPBoard Member/Treasurer, and Head of MissionMountain School in Condon, Montana. He iseasily recognized by his cowboy boots andStetson hat. John is an active Board Member andsupporter of our industry. He is also a nativeMontanan. John is a Husband, Father,Professional, Teacher, Student, Outdoorsman,Entrepreneur, Hunter and Fly Fisherman. Afterour Board Meeting in Whitefish, MT, John guidedPaul Smith and I to some excellentcutthroat trout waters.John received his Bachelor ofScience Degree in Ecology and hisMaster of Science Degree in Ecology,Wilderness Education from theUniversity of Montana. He isexceptionally intelligent and has oneof the quickest minds I have everengaged. He cares deeply about the work we alldo and is a person willing to stand his ground onissues. He is also a person who sees both sides toeach equation and concedes a point when made.John has the Finance Committee connected andworking as well as taking a leadership role in theMember Services Committee and our search forinsurance options for members. John has been a NATSAP Board Member since 1999.

This from NATSAP-- incidentally, did anyone really thing John was all that smart?  Being a good bullshitter does not intelligence make.  I know many of you think he's mentally ill..duh, but smart?

He reminds me of one of those men who's a fool  who no one knows is a fool but thinks he's sort of whatever, big ego but mostly benign (little do they know)...leading a pack of fools.  His sadism is bothersome as is his narcissism and...misleading lies.  It's like he's the person who tries to make his way up the social ladder feigning greatness...what was that 'fake it 'till you make it'  LOL- faking it does not truth make...

Guess goes to show that it's the bigggest problem that faces this industry today...people can talk a (supposedly)  good talk, but beneath it all they are unlikely to be much more than a pseudo intellectual.  John doesn't have it in him to be a legitimate intellectual- neither do I suspect do many of the folks in the industry who are concerned mostly by the bottome line and calling unethical treatment of children innovation...Rights of youth in RTC's were developed for a reason, namely there are recognized principles and practices that MMS does not follow- presumably few schools do- that recognize the harm that comes from involuntary and restrictive placement.  Exclusive concern for your bottom line, John, does not make an effective program.  As kim c. mentioned, MMS is HURTING KIDS...yet we stand idly by...our inaction has consequences.  

Perhaps they thought American's had lost all ability to think critically on issue's such as these... Some of us have not, even if we attended a facility that John hoped would turn his wishes to be God like into God like adoration by students.  It's a long fall from grace, Mr Mercer.  I hope you were intelligent enough to pack a parachute for the journey- guess you had one thing right, at some point we ALL do have to face our demons.



I propose a solution- we all write our stories up or what we've seen, hell, it's not like we didn't waste a few years of our life doing it for MMS ...we submit them all to Child Protective Services....
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John Mercer- exceptionally intelligent... con man
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2006, 07:17:00 PM »
I think we should also reach out the John McCain, many techniwues used are near torture..he might sympathize....
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