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Girls at MMS around 96-98?

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Can we re-cap on some of the "missing" alumni. Has anyone heard from Nicole A.? Mia? Christina? Kristin N.? Kelly G.? Bee? Cary B.? Amanda S.? Mirian? Tiffany? etc. just curious how these ladies are doing. Any info would be much appreciated. I am not trying to dig up dirt, I just care to see how they are or where they are.

I am in contact with Mia- if you pm me your contact info I can forward that along...

don't know if i went to school with you but, I remember alot of the girls your talking about.

Kelli G is in Georgia with her partner going to school.
Ashley T is in AZ and rasing a family.
try going onto myspace, may find even more girls.
I to would love to know about Bee and Kristin N and Nicole......they were awsome......

I even tried finding others on myspace as well. If you find them let me know.


Are you asking about Cristina Gulacy? If so, you can go to and according to the last entries, she's married with 2 kids...

I was in touch with Mirian and her family for a bit, but it was a while ago. As of the last time we were in contact, she was doing well, back home. When I spoke to her folks, they sounded pretty happy in general.

I kept in touch with Nikki for a couple years after I left which would make it about 2000-2001. At that time, she was back in Jersey at her Aunt & Uncle's place at first. Last time we spoke, she had been living on her own and then had a bf move in. If I remember correctly, they had been together for a while. She was still her spunky, fiery self except the accent had gotten thicker. I never knew the word "drawer" could bring me so many laughs until I met her!

Lauren T. recently e-mailed again and it sounds like she's doing well for herself. She was always such a funny goof...couldn't help but lover her...

Still in regular contact with Molly & Les & Jen Shryock...

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I was there from 96-98 (Cristina Gulacy now Cristina Gulacy-Worrel)
I live in Ohio with my husband (of almost 8 years) and two sons ages 4.5 and 2.  I'm the Director of Projects for an Educational Consulting Firm and active in the reauthorization of NCLB policy.

If anyone wants to contact me [email protected]


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