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The lady is absolutely right.  And you should check out how many kids have died by suicide that were forced into these programs, not to mention outright murdered.  Unfortunately there are no statics on other post-WWASPS damage done.  The above is just a tip of the ice berg dear.  I know, because my beautiful daughter was kidnapped into CEDU by her psychotic father.  Even though I was able to rescue her she spent three weeks subjected to the above at the tender age of 13.  After years of PTS she hanged herself.  Sorry if you don't like the anger but this is for real, it is not a fantasy.  Now if you want to do something really constructive for kids you can help close these places down.  A good place to start is "Help at any Cost"  a very good book but it too is just a start, just the tip of the iceberg.

Dear Eudora,

I just want to thank you so much for getting all of this started.  I am a parent and have posted several times that my daughter hanged herself after years of problems trying to deal with her abduction and abuse at CEDU.  At the time I was overwhelmed with getting her out, fighting her dad in court over it, working and trying to take care of her when she did get out that I did not have the time or money to sue the bastards but I have always always regretted that I didn't sue them and demand retribution and justice for her. Is there a group or a site for parents? Is there a forum. I am so glad there is finally a backlash here and that people are speaking up.  There should be more exposure, more lawsuits and of course better care for those who need it not to mention ways parents can learn to properly care for their kids without resorting to the extremes of shipping their kids off.  I just cannot get over the horribleness of actually having one's one child kidnapped!  It still haunts me and I really really hate those people; they should be in jail like any other kidnapper.  I am so glad that you have plowed through the crap and become a strong woman.  Bravo.

Would you mind emailng me at my private address?  My daughter was at CEDU and I am wondering about the family head you are talking about (I am not a troll but a grieving mother) since I think it may be the same one; if it is I would like to find out where he is an ruin his life like he ruined my daughter's.  My name is Patty and that addess is MLP11304@aolcom  ( daughter's initials and state of her death)  Thanks.

That message was not for Ramona but for Anon who posted to Ramona.  The lady who went to CEDU, if  you would contact me I would appreciate it.  Thanks.


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