Author Topic: Make the call, a mom's email plea  (Read 3955 times)

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Make the call, a mom's email plea
« on: February 05, 2006, 11:55:00 PM »

This is about a young lady with three kids.
She is schizophrenic. She does not take meds.

Her ex got custody of her kids last year.

I just got this in my inbox, as I was
reading the TMAP documents, after posting
to You Make The Call ...

This is real, and I do respond. I help
as best I can. I do it by spending time,
and effort, with all parties involved.
I don't get paid for advocacy efforts.

It is always up to the patient.

I this case, she has refused treatment for the
year that I have known her.

I have taken her phone calls at all hours,
mostly during the day, but also post midnight
and predawn.

What would you do?

PS - telling them you don't get involved wiht
the mentally ill, according to me, should not
be an accptable answer.

(I am not correcting her mom's spelling, grammer
or spacing, I am leaving out names)

Oh, I have do not have any "pull" and the county does not have a diversion program for ACT.

If she committed a misdeamenor it may not be too bad.

If it is a felony, she will go to jail. Who care's that she has Schizophrenia. Felons get no opportunity for ACT, even if we had it.


i thought she was better- she was here dec 28-jan 4th with me and the kids from oregon.
however, 4 days ago she was arrested, out in her van with 2 men at 3:30am.
pulled over for left hand turn issues.
there was a box., she was it was not her's, i bleive her, but she had drugs
in her system.
i couldn't bail her out, i'd have to put my house up , and she is too un
predictable for me to risk my only asset.
ariagnment is mondy, tomorrow
her car is in impound, if she gets out, i can help her get the car out i
sheh is in under maiden name.  

don't kown if you have connections with the court to "force" people into
residential care??? or at least show up daily for their meds.
she is homeless, and runnig with a bad crowd. xxxxx, her friend, is close
but keeping a distance that will not loose   her her daughter by being too
close to xxxxx and "bad people". very bad people.

thanks for being an ear, and if you have pull, call me.
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