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starry-eyed pirate:
Aawhhh Diggg it!!!...a new thread!!!

...Sat nite I went out to Barts and we went out to his shed and fired up the woodstove until the turntable warmed up.  Then we listened to:

Ritchie Blackmores' "Rainbow"

and "The Last Puff" by Spooky Tooth, featuring Mike Harrison(I Think)

...and drank beer and smoked up.

Pink Floyd - Animals

starry-eyed pirate:
I got that on vinyl  :smile:


--- Quote ---On 2006-01-30 14:41:00, starry-eyed pirate wrote:

"I got that on vinyl  :smile: "

--- End quote ---

It is a great one though isn't it?  :razz:

starry-eyed pirate:
Yeah, great record.  Love Pink Floyd.  I got a whole bunch 'a' their records. Saw 'em once in like '89 at JFK in Philly.

 ::bandit::  :skull:  :wave:

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