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Three Words I Never Heard
« on: January 18, 2006, 03:25:00 PM »
Three Words I Never Heard

In all the non-stop hours of talking, ranting, raving, and philosophizing, that I listened to each and every day, there are a few words, I seldom, if ever heard.  A few are:

Discipline- Believe it or not, I never heard mention of the word ?Discipline?.  

Their basic attitude there would lead me to believe that that the probably considered it an out-dated concept, or something mystical and even exotic.

Happiness- Happiness was seldom mentioned.

Happiness was not really considered to be any type of goal there.  It was subservient to ? Sobriety?

It was easily sacrificed to ? House Rules?, or the common good ? the family?, or the greater good of ?sobriety?.

They really like you to understand that ? we got you now, and this is how it?s gonna be.  You don?t matter anymore, and we know better.?

In their minds, happiness is for babies.

Desire-Desire was pretty much never spoken about, and if and when it was.  It was at best secondary.

They would say something along the lines of: ? Now you are here, and this is your time to work on yourself, and you sobriety.  That?s all that matters right now.?

The weird thing was that they always said this in such a way that made it sound holy.
They would say it in such a way as if god had chosen this time for you to get sober, and somehow everything else would just magically stop for you , and the beauty of your great sobriety.

In actuality discipline, desire, and happiness are major constituents of the best path to sobriety, but they are also three things that in abundance would put TC?s out of business forever.
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