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Wow! I was a youth in the west coast program for a year and 6 months around 1986. I had been on my own since 14 because life on the street was safer than home, I was arrested 7 times before I hit 16, placed in a group home and made a ward of the court. Went to VQ shortly after. And I loved it! It changed my life! I did see a couple of staff get a little rough but nothing major, I heard a kid died a couple years ahead of me from a heart problem. I know I had to go thru an extensive physical before they would release me to the program. I am not saying all the kids that died were from Physiological unforeseeable's, but I would guess that would be the bulk of them. VQ was tough! Physically and mentally. All the staff I knew were good people with good intentions.

Since leaving VQ I have gone to college, started my own business and am raising two beautiful, smart, well rounded children. Not tosay all the grass has been green, but without VQ I would not have achieved any of this.



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