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Pathfinders, and the *sshole Mike Parr

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I was at Pathfinders in New Mexico from 11/92-1/93.  Like everyone else, I am very interested in what happened to the program and Mike Parr.  I am also curious about the civil suit.  How did that come about?  Also, to the person who was there twice, what's that all about?  I was there with a guy who was on his second visit.  He ended his first visit by successfully running away.  Then he decided to return.  Just wondering if you are the same person.  

Anyone with info, feel free to email me [email protected]

I attended pathfinders from april 96 to July 96. During that time we moved from New Mexico to Colorado, due to forest fire risks. I was involved with the program for 11 weeks. The end of my experience came when the Rio Blanco county sheriff's office visited our campsite and informed us that they were shutting down Pathfinders. A few days prior, 2 other kids were evacuated due to bad strep (flesh-eating disease) infections. I was quarantined with the rest of the group for 4 days. As far as I know, the program re-started in New Mexico almost immediately, and then closed for some period of time.

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sleepy pie rice:
Yes i am the same person who went twice. I did walk out because mike parr kicked over my pot of rice when i told him he was full of it.  So i left. I decided to return because i didnotthink i had any other options. I must admit i am one that actually enjoyed living out in the middel of nowhere. I just wish we could have had more of a chance to explore our real problems, rather than pathfinders preconceived ideas about us.


I'm Charleen E.  I didn't know that lawsuit information was still on the internet.  Crazy!  I'm 28 now, married, just had twins, and I still think about Pathfinders all the time. That place was a nightmare. I told my husband that I want to go back to that desert in NM just so I can feel as though I can LEAVE when I want to.  Anyway, you can email me at [email protected] if you want to chat about it.  I was there from 10/21/92 - 1/21/03.  NIGHTMARE!


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