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Pathfinders, and the *sshole Mike Parr

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Is there anyone else out there who was sent to and survived Pathfinders Inc., in New Mexico? It was owned and operated by a man named Mike Parr. If you were there, sent your child to it, or have information about it, please let me know. There are several people who are joining together to file a civil suit against Mike Parr and his program (which has been shut down, while operating in Utah; they were busted for not having a business license). Even if you are not interested in joining the civil suit, I would be interested to hear from you. I have some personal questions about my experience there that have been nagging me for 13 years, and I would like to discuss them with someone, to see if their experience was similar.
Thank you!

i went to pathfinders / mike parr, i know him. i've tried researching what happened to the program - can't find anything on the internet - there was a girl named julie out there with me who was younger...long dark hair? i'm erin from texas. please get into contact regardless, i feel like i'm in a damn vacuum.


[email protected]:
I went to pathfinders March - July of 95/96.

I also have some conflicting emotions and questions about pathfinders.  I have been researching pathfinders and parr for almost a year.  I haven't found anything great yet.

Pathfinders closed a few weeks after I graduated in Colorado.  (From what I have heard)  Someone had a bad fungal infection in their finger and had to have medical attention which led to the amputation of the finger.  Once this happened the local news media found out and questioned the campers and were suprised to hear what they said was happening to them there.  The news people obviously did research and found out that they did not have a license to run the camp in Colorado. (We had to leave New Mexico in the middle of the night due to fire danger).

If anyone sees this please contact me :[email protected]  

I am really anxious to hear from someone.


i went to pathfinders twice! A total of five months in the new mexico desert, and i never missed my fire. what questions do you have? let me know.


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