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Ok, here's the plan. I'm going to either start a new forum or raze this one and use it. It will be postable by only a couple of people brave or masochistic enough to wade through all the stinking bullshit in the main Elan forum, pull out some of the relavent material and copy it over here where normals can read it, if they wish.

The only question is whether to blow out this current gossip circle or just forget about it and start yet again.

Has anyone mentioned to you guys that Elanians are about the most spoiled rotten, demanding bunch of miscreants on the planet? I sometimes wonder why you don't all just pick up and move to the mideast where you might fit in better.

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Does this mean that we won't be exposed to all that B.S. about everything crude and putrid? Mr. Pink and his wacko "friends" have been given the boot?
It got so nasty and out of control, it wasn't even worth reading. It became embarassing to be afilliated (SP?) with a group like that. They act like a bunch of pedophiles and perverts.  
Art, I see you have been conversing with them and I EXCLUDE you from that group.
It turned into a freak show. It use to be where some idiot would write a random rude post, Now, It is rare to see anything nice at all.
It would be nice to see the decent people who have left, return.

Matt C. Hoffman:
God I keep getting bumped off trying to post here .
Hey Ginger ,
I think that the tone of the board is starting to change . I would like to believe it is and I hope it remains .
There is a lot of golden nuggets ,rich in  truth, liberally sprinkled through out that forum.
It would be a shame to see it go .
I think though that the lunacy found on that board is a direct result of the type of the program that was administered by elan and its henchmen. You know the history ,the program began with the mother of them all synanon. Simply put elan is a variant of synanon and the lunacy is in direct correlation with how elan and its henchmen instituted it's brand (of the program).
God I hope that makes sense .
During my time elan was a very sick and twisted place that in my opinion abused children as well as adults. Watching adults get abused in no way made it a safe place for children or made me feel safe . The type of abuse was physical as well as emotional and it has seriously affected lots of people
I believe that if our brothers and sisters who were in that hellhole maintain a sense of decorum and realize that bad lunatic crap that went on in there was not their fault ,let go of the guilt and be witnesses to and for each other that the truth about elan will be taken seriously.
After all there are alot of our brothers and sisters (in my opinion) that roam the earth as emotional cripples due to what happened to them at elan and even worse there are people dead in my opinion for just having come in contact with this place (elan).
Sorry  I just hope this makes sense

Ok, first, no, I'm not talking about wiping out the main Elan forum. I'm talking about leaving it as is and setting this forum up so that it's available to the public to read, but only a few (right now, Matt and SS Esq) can post to it. Then they (and whomever else they permit) can go through that ol'e sewer, find the gems and copy them over here.

Now, that would mean blowing out all of the content currently in this forum, as it was all posted w/ a reasonable expectation of privacy. If anybody who has contributed here objects, plan B is to set up yet another Elan forum as described and leave these two just as they are.

P.S. Art, I'm not yo mama. It's not my job to protect your virgin eyes from anything. I'm not the mama of anyone who posts here since my daugher shut down her gaming forum. Of course this whole server is "out of control". It's not my place to control adult strangers.

Now, why is that so fucking hard for you to understand?
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Ging i started this forum so i say go ahead.

but first before you do i have a few questions.
 who is ss, and why is he telling me whats happening with the forum i started, as well as starting to moderate an allready explosive forum when he may be one of the assholes posting there's newest sn.  

what are the regulations going to be on the new board?  Is there going to be troll and idiot regulations or just a sn rule.
I.e any pervert hi yuh slander libel hurtfull posts result in one being expelled forever, or do moderators read posts before they are posted to the public?  Do you just need an sn to post no checking the people out?  If that is the case then that wont work the biggest assholes in there have sn's.  If we knew who they were ( their sn's) prior to any new ones they make that would make it easier.

Now about your first comment.  the program we went through, fucks, fucked, and is fucking up too many people thats why.  Not whinning about it, i just thought you could tell that by the freaks and perverts posting there that it may have something to do with how they were affectewd there.  some alot more then others and some just put up mental walls and do their best to forget..
Matt i say delete all those posts and start fresh with your new rules. 45 pages of filth is not worth saveing. or scrolling through. to much perversion and hate in there its fucking sickening.  But i have been stating this for quite some time now.  Anything relevent can be reposted by people just looking to relate to each other.  That place got too out of controll and needs to be deleted forever, and started anew.  
Obviously anon and elan cant go together.  perhaps the idea needs to be discussed more.?
hope you all are well and healthy, i hope no offense was taken personally, Im just trying to figure shit out here. Plus i would like to see the new forum done right. tty soon
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