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Running Away


I thought about running away but never did it, Saw to many kids hauled back to the front I guess, and really how long can a twelve year old hide out in a friends attic.

This was, what I thought was my best plan.  The Cleveland seed had this long catacomb of rooms that must have been bedrooms when it was an orphanage.  As far as I had seen these rooms were only used for intake interviews so I thought it would probably be vacant; a twisting hallway that took up a whole wing of the building with little rooms on each side.   I thought if I asked to go to the bathroom then snuck down to that hallway I could hide in one of the last little rooms.  I figured when they discovered I was gone they would look outside not inside and I'd just wait it out till they gave up then I'd sneak out the side door when they had stopped the search.  I thought that by hiding in one of the last rooms I would even be pretty safe if they searched those rooms cause certainly they would be looking less closely by the last few rooms and I could hide behind the door.

I always wondered about the kids who had run away.  How they did it and what they did when they got away?how they got caught but of course kids who had run away never talked about it and I knew better than to ask.

So I am asking now.  Those of you who did run away, how did you do it, where did you go, and what happened in the end?

 Those of you who didn't still must sometimes have imagined it, what was your plan?

I'll kick your arse:

I'll kick your arse:


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