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Blaire Webbe RIP

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yes, tragically, it is true.  i found out from one of her best friends.

Wow, I am so sorry for her, for her family, and for her friends who she left behind. It appears she was in a relationship, so sadly she is leaving that person behind as well.

Girls, those of you who have had bad experiences in any program, please remember that you are special, that you did not deserve how you were treated, and that there is life outside those 4 walls. If any of you have suicidal thoughts, please do not disregard them. Take care of yourselves and seek out help. There are good people in this world, you just have to look for them.

Again, I am sorry for Blaire and all those who knew here.

I spoke with her a few times, that's sad.  This one's for Blair: ... B608165968

QUOTE: I just found out that a girl I never met, but who attended the same school as me committed suicide Wednesday 11/9. I am fluctuating between feelings of anger, sadness, and disgust b/c I had heard from another student about how poorly she had been treated there and's just terribly sad that she never received the care she deserved. From what little we spoke, she seemed to have a beautiful spirit. I had spoken to her a while back and she expressed enthusiasm for these facilities to be regulated given her own painful experience. She also told me that she had been called and threatened with a lawsuit by the headmaster's wife after posting this on

From I am currently living in Boulder, Colorado and enrolled at the University at Boulder majoring in neuroscience and biology, believe it or not, and doing very well. and yes colleen i still hate mission mountain except for doug and a few others, you cant sue me or any of us for our opinion of all the shit that went down at MMS. Im not saying that i hated everything about it i just think that about 90% of it was awful and i still have nightmares about it. So i hope you are all proud of yourselfs for what you put us through.


For Blair, let's see to it that these places are regulated and that the ones that are abusive are shut down.

Let your voices be heard.

i love you kid.



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