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Ok parents, here is the obvious thing I forgot to say in this stream.  

I don't have the exact facts here, so my primary statement is, if you want literature on Hyde, read this article by Traub the economist/public policy wonk, who may or may not have a college degree, and who may or may not have an axe to grind that's either personal or socio-psycho-economic-political.

But also call Hyde and ask for copies of the videos of Hyde on 60 Minutes (twice?), 20-20, Barbara Walters (I think her son or daughter went there), and all the other national publicity from less questionable sources.  Call and ask for the news stories on Hyde in the written press.  

And then read them all.

Its not all flattering, but by and large, there has been a fair amount of prestigious news coverage on Hyde over the years.

And some of it actually reasonably captures the vision and the dream of what many individuals and families have experienced first hand.


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