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It would be great if survivors of any programs could name th

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It would be great to get a good directory of ed cons that made referrals to survivors of any abusive programs. The post should be simple without reference to the ed cons wrongdoing. The post itself should be a warning to parents and good info for people like me trying to collect data.

Alternately, if no ed con was involved, the referring source, if known - other parents, internet etc... can be listed.

Do program parents who refer other parents count?

I think they do. In that case, Nancy Hilliard made an avocation out of roping parents into the Seed and then Straight and then some "school" for pregnant girls that fronted as an anti-abortion effort. I want to say it was Bethel, but it was decades ago that I saw the brochur on her table and I really didn't pay it much mind. I figured helping pregnant girls w/ food, clothes and adoption was probably less harmful than what she had been doing. Never imagined what was really going on. Dense, huh?

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This is a great idea, and the posts could be added to the study being done by that non-profit advocacy group (not sure if it's CAFETY or ISAC, or another one but there is a STUDY being done that is supposed to come out later this year.)


You got Ed Cons, Independent Referral Agencies, and the Programs, themselves, who pay parents for referrals.

There are no requirements to call yourself an educational consultant.  That was brought out in Maia's book, as well as how the lack of regulations spawned the birth of the lucrative referral business.

Educational Consultants who are members of their trade org. are forbidden from accepting fees from programs.  Big Whup.

Independent Referral Agents are free to do whatever they want.

Parents who refer for tuition credits (or cash) are completely off the radar screen.

This whole business needs a major overhaul.  It's spreading like a cancer.


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