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There is a contest being held over at the Straight Inc., Survivors forum. for Best Avatar.

Go there and follow the directions. I will personally send you a Playstation I that works, a matching joystick and something more.

I will await the 'Best Avatar'.

I didn't see any contest.

starry-eyed pirate:
Where you been man ??  Why don't you come around the survivors forum and start some shit ??  I was looking forward to the AVATaR contest.  What ever happened to the playstation ??  I think you should just give it to me.  I have the coolest AVATaR, by far!!!

Too many sissy fags on the SF :cry2: if ya know what I mean.

 :D  nah really I've been kinda busy preping Crapple for shows, booking more shows, doing radio shows, interviews and all that silly junk. Still haggling with the fucking CD manufactor.  They claim I should have some (crapple "socialbly deceived") here in about 2 weeks though.  Still on bond, still recording the Porn Junky "tough love" cd and now working up new material for the new Crapple CD "drug war casuality"  which we'll start production on soon.  All this new op to speak my mind and I'm egg shelling.  It's the looks on their faces when I start talking about stuff that matters, they kinda shy me up.

But hey, I've gotton a few blocks and deletes on myspace if that counts for anything. :lol:

starry-eyed pirate:
It's always somethin'.  Glad to hear the band is still alive an' kickin'.  Jammed with my ol' bandmate today.  Played the best guitar of my life just after dark tonight !  Every time I play I'm better, even if I haven't picked it up in 2 months.  We play hard-edged acoustic blues.  I anxiously await the Crapple.  Carry on.


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