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New Orleans film clips on


The new channel, 366, on DirectTV just had
a home made film clip of people gathering
their flat bottom boats and getting to
the floods quickly and actually rescuing

Check it out:

If anyone has a camera and is in the affected areas
make a film clip and mail, or digitally send it in!

It is better than the lame news.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama?

Texas for the rescue operation?
Deborah, do you have a camera ???

Anyone else able to do this???

I don't, but I will forward this to all my contacts. I feel certain some will be very interested!!


--- Quote ---On 2005-09-07 18:03:00, Deborah wrote:


I don't, but I will forward this to all my contacts. I feel certain some will be very interested!!


--- End quote ---

That would be great ... I am not sure who else is from the affected areas?

Have you had a chance to watch the film clips
that airs. It is pretty good. I mean
it is up to the viewers to send in a variety of
clips, and they promise to put them on.

The first couple of weeks they did not have much
of an inventory. Now it is much better. As people
film, mostly gonzo style, just holding up the camera and filming there will be more and more variety.

Finally, something new for TV!

Casuality Vampires

The architect of murder gets top billing
Yet another victim another slaying
flashing lights,
police line: DO NOT CROSS
Blood on the sidewalk,
paramedics on the scene
Up pulls the coroner's truck,
I heard someone say
"This poor sucker's run out of luck"

Casualty Vampires,
thirsting for blood
Casualty vampires,
there's never enough

Casualty Vampires sharpen thier teeth
Surrond the t.v.
Waiting for the roster of casualties
Jet crash,
Newscasters tell us of disaster
How many were lost?

Casualty Vampires,
See nothing but red
Casualty Vampires,
It's in all of our heads

Stop to watch,
stand and stare
At yet another carcass lying there
Earthquake bomb blast,
domestic quarrel
What does it matter so long as there's blood

Casualty Vampires,
Drive along the freeways
Casualty Vampires,
looking for wrecks
Casualty Vampires,
passing right by
Casualty Vampires,
craning thier necks


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