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Boykin Ball, Sept 9 - 11, Acme, PA


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It is awful!  Time to organize!  Anyone going to the Boykin Ball in acme and needs a tax write off bring supply's

Hurricane Katrina Relief

The Church of Universal Love and Music


Tax ID# 56-2312600


             RadioFreeInternetTM in conjunction with KefferMediaServicesTM and the Church of Universal Love and Music are collecting clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, Towels and washcloths, bottled water and anything that your heart may desire to donate to load onto our trailer trucks and dispense to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Just one point of fact and great need are shoes because four out of five people are barefoot.

This effort has already begun and will culminate this weekend September 9,10,11 2005 at the Church of Universal Love and Musicâ??s Boykin Ball. We realize that many large scale charitable organizations are collecting monetary donations for the victims of this horrific tragedy which is a great thing, but we also realize that there are immediate needs that have to be taken care of that money will not take care of immediately. These victims need hard goods and they need them now! That is why we are pulling our resources together to assist the people with these items.  

We ask that you kindly pass this information to your fans who may be in attendancethis weekend. If each attendee brings one item we can hit our goal of at least three tractor-trailer loads of clothing and the other items mentioned above. We abhor Spam so that is why we are contacting you to please send this information to your mailing lists subscribers.


Contact info:

Tony Keffer

RadioFreeInternetTM and KefferMediaServicesTM




                                     We humbly appreciate your Help with this disaster!

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