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So I read this
this page about the fund If you'd rather pitch to some of our own and theirs than to a faceless NGO, here's a chance. Last I looked the PayPal link was fubar, but I bet if you send funds directly to the listed email, they'll be able to claim it.  

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Donate to the Katrina Relief Fund through Karen and her friends?  How do you know it's legit?  The American Red Cross is not some faceless NGO and you know it will get to the victims. ... index.html

Well, as I state in this forum's description, "Reader, as always, due diligence is thine."

Just talked to a good old friend last night. She spent part of her day gathering winter clothing for the NOLA refugees in her city, sorting them by size and type then handing them out directly to people coming and going from the processing center w/o authorization from God or anybody. The nerve of her, eh?

Some people don't particularly trust large, bureaucratic organizations like the Red Cross. Imagine that? Why would anybody not trust the Red Cross? Well, maybe it has something to do w/ their inane decision to hold their trucks, supplies and people for an entire week just outside the disaster area while the upper level bureaucrats waited for permission to go in?

So we're offering other choices, that's all. For all I know, Karen and her friends are even less worthy than that. Or maybe not, maybe they'll put every penny and rag they get to excellent use.

It's up to you, the potential donor, to decide which agent of your charity is most worthy.

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