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Red Sox


I am going to a game tonight! I am so excited.  The only major league game I've ever been to, was a Mets game.  I was somewhere around 9 years old.  I saw a man eating out of a trash can and it tramatized me for a very long time. That and hearing "let's go Mets" is all I remember. I'm sure this will be much better!   ::cheers::

they better leave Schilling out. that bum is over the hill and is gonna screw the 3 game lead. grrrrrrrrrrr.

Take it easy on the old guy! Tough crowd! That stadium was really cool. So old, if those walls could only talk.
We had great seats. What a blast.

Im a huge sox fan cynthia, you know how we get.  no harm just heated.

I was only giving you a hard time. I am so clueless I don't even know most of the players. My sister and I were too busy looking at Johny Damon's butt.
 We kept hoping he would only get singles because we sitting were near first! My son and nephew told us we were sick and went and sat in the front row.
BTW,  Looks even better with the binoculors! ::trophy::   ::both::


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