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mark and cheryl sudweeks are saints, and u people, the cops, and the judicial system are turning her into a child abuser, because a few rotten kids told the police some lies so they could get out of going away for a year. I went to the whitmore from november 17th 2003 to november 18th 2004 and i never have seen ne sort of child abuse ever. the only thing that happened while i was there was i was challenged to push my own limits to a place where i would succeed. the whitmore helped me turn myself from a stoner, to a leader. From a degenerate to a poet. from a habit strucken teen, to finding who ive always been. they are doing nothing but helping kids and giving them theiur hearts, and ur shoving it right back in their faces saying fuck you. they are taking whats bad in the world, and doing their best to make it good and ready to face the world. they took me in and gave me shelter from the storm. ur articles sicken me, and you can put up an article that says "Mark Ponte says fuck anyone that says a bad word about Mark, and Cheryl Sudweeks," and i will defend them to my death if need it be because they gave me my life back i owe it to them to do so and to say something about whats going on. I hope your are happy that you are ruining peoples lives, and if i am telling this to the wrong person, if i am preaching to the choir, then please guide me in the direction of the right person to say fuck you to.


Mark Ponte

also i have something to say. my name is nate mckinley and i went to the whitmore from november 4th 03 to november 9th 04 and i just want to say that was the best year and five days of my life. i love mark and cheryl and i will defend their honor. the whitmore is my home and im gonna rep till my dying day. if anything i will say that i envy their children because their parents are the best people in the world.

and to the kids who have lost heart. im going to quote rob. love is a forever thing. and i hope you find your way back to that. because every kid who went to the whitmore in my time had love 4 mark and cheryl. and love really is a forever thing. jenna, im sorry you feel that way about it, but in your heart you will find the knowledge that cheryl and mark could never hurt a flea much less a kid.  i hope they read this because i bet they could use the boost in faith

mark and cheryl i am speaking for myself and mark ponte both when i say i love you guys, and always will. there is a place right up in heaven for you. i love you so much thank you for everything.

What a misplaced statement: Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks did not "take any kids in." They were PAID, and PAID GRANDLY by parents to provide education, and therapy for the children placed in their care. And the Whitmore Academy was to be a theraputic SCHOOL---not a HOME.  The Whitmore Academy was to provide a SERVICE, not some "family."
Saying words like I will "defend them to my death, and to my dying day....." is just the type of statements that make one step back and ask---what is going on at that place?
The CHARGES of abuse, and the the ongoing investigation by the State of Utah speak for themselves.

YOU must be cheryl's talk just like her. Such LOVELY language. She must be proud, since you learned so well, and uphold her image so grandly.

If they get into heaven, I'll kick them back to hell my self. ehh mormons dont get into heaven anyway, so why am I getting bothered.

OK, where do the Mormons go?


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