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Joyce Harris:
Avid Folkie, you contradict YOURSELF.
You said only a "certain sect of Mormons" practice polygamy.  Well, these folks ARE Mormons,, Yes--some MORMONS do still practice polygamy, and it matters not if they live in some small town away from the mainstream of Mormons.
And, please don't try to say that young girls, the age of 12-14 can be "WILLING" to make a committment to a life-long marriage, especially to some man old enough to be her GRANDFATHER, and especially if she is to have the status of say, wifey #5 or wifey #6.  That is absolutely crazy.
And any grown man who is having sex with a CHILD is a chld molester...PERIOD. I don't care who gave him "permission to do this"--the girl, the girl's parents, or their church.  It is still child molestation.
Have you thought about why Warren Jeffs is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List as of this week?
ONE BIG REASON is for the sexual abuse of minors.
Your argument is filled not only with misspelled words, but with mis-information.
The Sudweeks at Whitmore Academy hide behind the Mormon religion, and they are a disgrace to the Mormon faith. No one is criticizing the Mormon faith when they criticize the Sudweeks's criminal behaviors.

well yes of course those certain ons were mormans, however i felt necessary to defend the larger group of mormoms who were not practicing these things. What you said implied that all mormans were polygamists, i was simply defending the steriotype. and as far as the 14 year old girls marrying overage men, i have simply not heard of that at all. Agin perhaps this is apparent in the polygamist practices, but as for the majority of the morman faith this is untrue. And who are you to say that the sudweeks are a disgrave to the morman religion if you yourself dont even know what a morman is. please though, i would love if you could inform me on these ritual you mentioned, becuase as far as im concerned your reply was simply making fun of my grammar and misspelling of words and all i was trying to do was defend a religion. By the way, not to say that young girls marrying older men is wrong, but correct me if i am wrong in saying that in the play "othello" the younger maiden marries someone older than her father. i agree in saying that 14 year old girls should not marry men the age of their grandfather, however i disagree in saying that this happens anywhere but in the small secluded outnumbered polygamist towns.

or rather what the poster contrary to me said i just saw that you didn't post these things. but if you had read his/her comments you would see that he was just putting down mormans, and i mentioned nothing in defense of the sudweeks in my statements so whether i support or do not support the sudweeks has nothing to do with my defense of the LDS religion. Please concider what i write or what others write and why they write it before you go critisizing what people have to say

Avid Folkie:
also you yourself said that the actions of one or two mormans do not reflect the entire beleif or religion, so your comment about the FBI's most wanted list, im afraid, is not viable.

Avid Folkie:
i stand by my statement regardless of who he is, even the president of the united states is just a man nothing more. titles and labels and jobs and anything else that deals with a leadership statement simply reflect the clarvoincy or lack there of, of the people who put them in power. what warren jeffs did was his own choice, not that of the entire morman faith


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