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Tracy Anderson
« on: July 24, 2005, 12:21:00 PM »
i remember when i was still new in the (springfield) program. i was on front row(in shock) and hadn't had my hair cut yet.  i remember Tracy Anderson who was an acting 5th phaser on that particular day as he came to pull me out of group. i remember he grabbed me by the beltloop and was taking me somewhere, when i asked him where we were going and he responded with something like: "you're going to get your hair cut". i was like: "No way, i'm not cuttin' my hair". Tracy was real cool about it, he said: "O.K. if you don't want to get your hair cut you don't have to" and he just turned me right around and took me back to group. I had been expecting a different response, i expected some kind of a confrontation, you know, about how i wasn't in touch with my drug problem or something if i didn't want to cut my hair. i remember i was real surprised at how nice Tracy was about it. i think i waited about 2 more weeks and then began to realize that if i wanted to ever make it up to some higher phase to cop-out that i would have to cut my hair(among other sacrifices i would have to make). All together i think i was able to put off that first straight hair-cut for about 25 days.
Tracy was cool.  He was on the younger side, i think he was like 14 or 15 when he came in. He was one of the kids from Delaware. He had brown hair, parted just off the center, because that was a guys side rule: no hair parted in the middle. He had a way of just barely following the rules, like his hair was always on the long side but he got away with it because he was a likeable kid. He got away with alot of stuff others wouldn't have. i don't know if he ever graduated or if he eventually got withdrawn or what but sometime after straight i heard that he drowned somehow. i wonder what happened to him. Does anyone have more information on Tracy??
And oh yeah: Fuck Straight, Fuck all authority.
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