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Chris Ratel

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a few years back i would be defending chris ratel, but the summer before last i was out with my friends and i saw him.  i was excited cuz i thought "o see, u can go out have a good time w/out drinking."  upon approaching him though, he WAS drinking.  he was soo drunk in fact  he didnt even recognize me and even hit on me.  and he was w/ someone and i'm not too sure it was his wife.  i was soo disgusted i picked up that nite, but not since then.  i realized i cant let other ppls actions control me.  something chris ironically taught me, in more ways than one.
i was researching for my couzin whose having drug problems (and stumbled on this page ).  daytop helped me once upon a time, but i'm not too sure now.  is chris still working there?  and whats a holloway?

ahh, f--- it.  keepinon

O man the plot thickens.  Are you a completion, keepinon? A holloway is his ASSistant director, and yea, hes el director.  Scarey , huh?  Keep your cuz far away from that place.

who r u, whoyou?  and where is it u think u saw chris ratel?  

yes, i am a completion, dtopiansurvivor.  i see your a survivor. r u a completion as well?  u seem bitter.

Apparently he is still with DAYTOP. ... ectory.pdf

DannyB II:
Chris Ratel....?????  


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