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« on: June 28, 2005, 09:52:00 PM »
Hey I have heard from a few of ya...and boy is it cool! BETSY, CLAIRE and CAROLINA I LOVE YA!!! Anyway...I guess it would help to fill you in on me a bit...Ill make it breif. I successfully graduated from a small college in North was called Brevard Collge...I got a BA in English...which I have yet to use. However, I am now on the Board of Directors...guess those years in the Student Government paid off.
Anyway, while there, I joined the local Fire department and got my EMT license as well as a few high level rescue certifications...I did that for two and a half years in North Carolina. Then...I came home to visit right before I graduated and had a friend who worked on the Shelby County Fire Dept. here in Memphis, TN. He told me to apply and I did...not even dreaming that I would even get a second thought...but I got the job THAT DAY!! My new cheif gave me like five days to go back to NC, pack and move...and I did. I graduated college...packed a Uhaul with the help of a good friend and drove back and moved into a shabby little apartment my dad was able to find me. I started working for the Fire Dept running their EMS unit...BOY!!! I thought I had seen some tragedy in NC...I hadnt seen NOTHIN!! Also, while I was working with them I got a way cool job with F.E.M.A.(Federal Emergency Management Agency)...YEAH!! Who woulda thunk I coulda worked for the FEDS?!?!?! I was on what they call the Tennessee Task Force...I trained the search and rescue dogs...WAY COOL..but WAY BUSY!!! I made it there about six months before realizing I had NO LIFE...we trained four days a week about four hours a night!! So I sadly walked away from that and focused on Fire stuff...I had a dream to be either a SWAT medic or a Life Flight nurse on the helicopter. I applied with the Sheriffs dept and got accepted to their tactical training I had that door open. Well...about around November I began getting a little burned out...I had worked here for about a year. I was working 24-48 hours at a time and the stuff I had to see and deal with was haunting me so I didnt sleep so much. So with the great support of my dad, boyfriend, and coworkers I took some time off...about a week. I went back part time and tried to stay with it...but I was wearing out and saw myself losing it I went to my boss and told him I had to quit...:sad: I was about to start training with the sheriffs dept when I royally screwed up my they kicked me out of training for about 6 months! I had gotten into a real estate school during this time too and was thinking about a dramatic career I did it. I went to school and got my Real Estate license and began working in Mississippi, doing some management stuff for my dad then I got an offer from one of the local I decided to try...and I have been there for about a month now..and love it. So if anyone needs a house in TN or MS, give me a call hahaha. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael...who I live with and have been seeing about a year and a half...he has been a great support and friend through everything good and bad.
Anyway, that is the long and short of it. Sorry to drone on. If anyone wants to talk to me, please [email protected]. Hope all is well out there...cant wait to hear from ya.


Julie Robbins
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