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Has anyone been through Redcliff Ascent?

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Hey there man---

e-mail me at [email protected]

Blake-- the kid that got moved from my group to the brits.  Thats weird man, we could of been in the same group at the same time.  What group did you go to after the bullfrogs?  Red Badger (Mike) with the long red beard was in our group as well.  My name's Brett (Teaching Hawk) man.. don't know if that rings a bell.. Whats your name bro? e-mail me

I was there from Augest of 98 through April of 99. It changed my life. Of cource I was staff, but back then the staff needed to graduate the program also. so we were right along side the students with the same gear and same food. oh and I went back in 2001 the food was alot better and the  staff I worked with were alot better. And there were some bad staff out there, but they didnt last long. most of them wouldnt make it past their first month or so. And if we herd about abuse by other staff we took care of it. well atleast I did, I cant speak for the other staff. I think while I was there I got a couple of people fired. But I know that the program only workes if the person in it wants or needs to change. Some of the students I worked with didnt belong there becuse the problem was with the parents, there was nothing wrong with their kids. I've ran into some of the students that I staffed in the program. And they all have had good and bad to say about their experience, They all got something diffrent out of the experience. I wish I could go back and go through as a student, but my wife wont let me.

I was Red Buffalo

its really NOT that bad. I'm a brit so im not at all used to the heat and everything, but i still managed to grad in 68 days! i was in the firehawks, does anyone remember the staff Crimson Moon? Wando? Cliff Raven? oh well...

somebody had made a response on here that redcliff was easy and shit-  YAH well for me at 15 and a straight A student who was a major goody-goody i was just sent there because my parents didnt like my best friend and because i ran away for 2 days whenever my mom told me to get the fuck out of her house anyways--

point is it was fuckin hard as hell for me- and guess what i didnt miss my parents for one fuckin second out there- it made me hate them more than anybody could ever know

and i was told i was going to a camping school that only lasted a month- which might have been what they thought but i graduated after 62 days

whoever said they graduated 45 days i would have graduated that soon but after i finished my phases they kept me there 2 extra weeks- and they didnt even give my parents a reason why i was kept there longer (probably just so they'd have to pay extra)!

but i've already commented once on this website that RedCliff changed my life for the worse- it taught me A LOT about drugs which then made me want to do them- which i got into every and any drugs after RCA- mostly coke and crack and i skipped school so much when i got back that i was court ordered to a G.E.D.

my email is [email protected] write if any questions or if u went to RCA w/ me fuckin email me- i was there in nov 2001 to jan 2002 ( i was there for thanksgiving, christmas, and my 16th birthday- fun!)

The local police seems to have trouble with runaways from the Redcliff Ascent wilderness program:

The 3 boys from the latest escape attempt have all been captured and returned to the place of imprisonment.

--- Quote from: KU TV ---Search underway for 3 teens missing from wilderness disciplinary program

(KUTV) A search is underway in Beaver County for three runaway teens who left the RedCliff Ascent wilderness treatment program.

Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel said boys went missing from the camp around 3 a.m. Monday. A deputy was notified around 8 a.m. and the search started, continuing throughout the day, Noel said.

The boys were identified as Keyon Garbus, 15, Wyatt Grosvenor, 15, and Ajay Ruparelia, 14.

The sheriff said the boys likely have very little food or water, and he was concerned about their welfare as temperatures in the area reached 105 degrees. Searchers found some footprints that may indicate the boys are hiking south toward the Iron County border, Noel said.

He also said the boys were wearing flip flops and white t-shirts and were unprepared for the rocky, desolate terrain.

"They're out in an area that they're totally not used to and quite dangerous," said Noel.

A state helicopter was called in to assist Monday with plans to return. Searchers plan to resume their efforts early Tuesday morning, according to Noel.

According to Noel, the sheriff's office has had several problems with RedCliff Ascent. He said this same situation happened just last week.

"Had two of them escape," Noel said. "Broke into three or four of our local cabins out in that area, but we were able to capture them later in the daytime."

2News reached out to RedCliff Ascent, but an answering service representative said no one was in the office Monday evening.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

--- End quote ---


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