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Where are the Synanon Ex-Members?

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80's Guy:
I have read several of the books on Synanon, and they have not totally satisfied my curiosity on the way of life at Synanon. I am especially interested in the connection between Synanon and The Seed. I was a part of The Seed for many years and am interested in anyone who attended Synanonn to tell his or her story here, so we can start comparing notes on these two programs.

As a result of this forum, I have grown tremendously. Please post your Synanon stories,so all of us here can benefit from what many consider to be "The Grand Daddy of Therapeutic Communities." Tell us what life was like for you at Synanon. . .Thanks for your contributions.

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starry-eyed pirate:
Yeah, i am a survivor of Str8 inc and  would love to hear from any survivors of Synanon for the same reasons stated by 80s' guy.  i am dissappointed to come to this forum and find only 1 lonely post. Synanon was a long time ago maybe all the survivors have already left this world.  i don' know. If there are any Synanon survivors out there i encourage you to please share your experience with us here.  We are all searchin' for a better understandin'.

CEDU 1974-75:
It would be nice to get some imput from the synanon contingent.I'm pretty sure cedu was the first synanon offshoot.

When I first discovered this site about a year ago,I didn't know what to expect.Fact is,I was kind of hoping to gain some insight into my own experience.I believe that perhaps I have.It is an added bonus that this site is dedicated to discontinuing the practice of systematic teen abuse.I'm pleased to participate in any small way I can.

Former Synanon member contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Your post was such a long time ago I doubt that you will see my reply, but here goes.

I met a young man in 1972 who had just escaped from Synanon and come home to Washington State. He was 19 and I was 17. Within a year we were married. Within two years we were divorced. He left Washington and I never saw him again. I kept up with his life somewhat through his adoptive family. He had lived in 13 foster homes and was adopted at seven years old. Life did not treat him kindly. He died at age 38 in 1991 of a cocaine overdose. He didn't talk much about Synanon and what he did say didn't make much sense to me because it was so foreign to anything I had ever experienced... but I do remember that his hair was just growing out from being shaved and that he had escaped.

Great Post. Did your ex ever introduce you to other Synanon survivors? What is it that he told you about his experience that seemed so foreign to you? Thanks for the insight. I wold love to spend time talking to ex Synanon members who could really share what went on inside (beyond the 2 books that have been written).


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