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In reference to an earlier post that I made at http:// I don't want anyone to get a false sense of security. While the port scans that are done may show you to be ok, keep in mind that ther are hundreds of ports that are available and the ports that were tested at this site, are only a few. Although they are the most common and in some respects more important ports in respect to security, there are may others which can be used to infiltrate your computer.

Also keep in mind that while you are safe today, that does not mean that you are safe tomorrow. There are many stealth programs that will send data out without you knowing it. Aware is a great program, just like a virus scanner, there is no way to find any future programs that may be destructive or intrusive to your privacy. So keeping such programs updated is a good idea.

If you are using IE make sure you are set not to accept 3rd party cookies (to help from being tracked). and if you have a firewall take the time to block domains such as, after all we are not animals and do not deserve to be tracked!!

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Setting for "3rd party cookies" - would that be the one under Security settings that says "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" ? Just making certain...thanks...

No, you will find the actual cookie setting under the privacy tab.

Hmmm...privacy tab...I'm running Win98SE - no privacy tab in (or under) any of the 6 tabs of the Internet Options applet...what OS do you run? I'll venture to guess W2K or XP...

I am actually running windows NT 4.0 workstation. But the op system should make no difference. I think the difference is within IE itself, which I am using version 6.0.2800.1106 (basically IE 6 with sp 1).

Unfortunately they change/add/remove the options so often in IE I can remember then all. It has been a while since I have use IE5 so I can't remember if that option was there or not, and if so where it can be found.

Sorry I can't be of more help on that.

BTW, you'll never catch me with a copy of ME or especially XP (Xtra Proprietary) on any of my machines.


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