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Ft. Lauderdale . under the Tent
« on: August 27, 2005, 10:54:00 PM »
I was in The Seed about '73,('72?) lost lots of memory from heavy drug use as teenager, went back to
NorthEast High School and continued messing up.
15 years later, almost dead, I found AA, and have
been sober almost 20 years now.

This was a traumatic experience in my life, feel strange talking about it. I was there when they move from the city out to near Alligator Alley.

Can someone tell me some specifics about this period. I remember being in the tent, lived with
a heroin addict in Miami for a while.
Actually, I was a really messed up teenager that
was way out there. I would like to revisit some of these thoughts/feelings.
I live in KY now with a beautiful family, live is
good, but still have problems with anger, depression ect...but blessed indeed.

Can someone help me to remember some of what happened there? I don't even know if this is important anymore in my life, but as I read all these posts, obviously this brings back some painful memories.
Would appreciate any replies, both positive and negative.
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