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Kreg Gillman
« on: May 29, 2005, 10:53:00 PM »
Kreg Gillman

2004- CEO of Provo Canyon school
1999?-2001?- Executive director of Aspen Ranch
Executive Director at Sun Hawk Academy in St. George
1998- Started working at Aspen Education
1996- Started working for Provo Canyon admissions
1993- Started working for Provo Canyon School

Used to work as a Vietnam veterans therapist in Pocatello, ID. PhD in pyschology.

I was 15. It was the middle of July. I was in a hospital in California after having a nervous breakdown. My parents decided to send me to Aspen's wilderness program. But after my nervous breakdown, I was frail and weak. I am female, and was about 5'7 at the time, and weighed less than 90 lbs! On my arrival, I told a man working there (possibly Kreg) that I really felt uneasy about going into the wilderness. I felt weak, and that if I went, I didn't think I would make it. I got sick from the mid-July Utah desert heat. I told them I would rather die than suffer. They took this as a suicide threat, but did not seek hospitalization. I was only supposed to be in the wilderness program for a month, but this guy, Kreg Gillman, using his connections, arranged WITHOUT TELLING MY MOTHER, to have me sent to Provo Canyon School, where I was kept under lock and key for the next 6 months! Parents, DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. I'm sure he pocketed a HUGE bankroll from his referral. Also, parents, if your child looks weak or ill, the LAST thing you want to do is send them to a hardcore wilderness program in the Utah desert. That's how kids end up dead.
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