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85 Day Jerk:
I went to Dixie Hollins High when I was in Straight.  We had about 25 straightlings and 3 or 4 staffers that went there.  I had Wanda Minton in my Print Shop and it sucked.
Most of the people that went to Dixie had to go straight into the building right after school.  The only break we got was taking our newcomers to a drop off in Kenneth City and walking to school from there.  That was the extent of my "friendship building."  Very few people had a parent home in the afternoon so we had to go straight in.  At first Rick Humbert used to ride us in and Steve Howe did a few times as well.  They were both on Staff and they were genuinely cool people.  Steve was a January graduate and went into the service, and Rick dropped out of being a staff trainee.  Wanda Minton had been rotting away on 5th phase for over 5 months, when all of the sudden, Rick can't bring us in anymore because it was a "conflict of interest" and Wanda's mom shows up everyday to run us in.  Wanda thought she was hot shit the first few days, until I told her to shut the hell up one day when I could'nt take it anymore.  I told her mom that I would get out of the car and walk in to the building if I had to.  Mrs. Minton called my mom at work and told her about it.
Instead of getting in trouble, I told her I was going nuts having to go into the damn building everyday, and since my grades were good and I seldom had homework, I wanted a damn job......Now!!  She called around and sure enough, I got a part-time job at a small
print shop near my house.  I took the bus to it for the first month, then bought the nicest 10 speed bike I could afford.  I got permission to ride it to school and then on to the building on my days off from work.  That Christmas alot of other people got bikes as well.  We kept them in the storeroom
on the other side of big group.  There were about 6 or 8 of us in "The Bike Clique," and we even rode them to Tyrone Mall for a permission one Saturday.


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