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Through it all, many will stand tall...It will always materialize if the ZOO works for it....The past and present...........We that know, a mighty storm is to blow..all will show...they are about to go..............

 Creatures have cowered and cringed from her for many a year.
She is frightening and frightful. In fact down right scary.
If you're in favour of order and kindness she's the one to fear.
So let's hear those boos and those hisses. It's the Bad fairy.

This is the good versus evil grudge match if you've only just turned on.

Why believe in someone To hear more lies  To hope for truth  To feel more pain? Looking for trust ? Putting belief in it, Its a false hope  There is no trust If you trust...
You are gonna be hurt .  Plain and simple ?. Life at the ASYLUM  sucks???..So do people?Some more than others?..But they all do Friends...  Ha!!  No such thing!
Another false belief Trust me on this, Trust No One!!!!  Not even yourself.

There is a storm brewing in my soul ? Like the burning embers of hell?Will I recover from this addiction ?.Only time will tell....

Sleepmonger, deathmonger, with capsules in my palms each night,eight at a time from sweet pharmaceutical bottles?..I make arrangements
for a pint-sized journey?..I'm the queen of this condition./I'm an expert on making the trip???..and now they say I'm an addict?..Now they ask why?.WHY???

Yes, I admit?it has gotten to be a bit of a habit-//////blows eight at a time, socked in the eye, hauled away by the pink, the orange, the green and the white goodnights.
I'm becoming something of a chemical mixture.  that's it!!!!!My supply of tablets
has got to last for years and years?.I like them more than I like me?It's a kind of marriage?..It's a kind of war where I plant bombs inside of myself.  Yes

Then I lie on; my altar elevated by the eight chemical kisses. What a lay me down this is with two pink, two orange, two green, two white goodnights. Fee-fi-fo-fum-?Now I'm borrowed. .. ???.  Now I'm numb. :eek:


Computer work? That's when she has those kids up all night: GROUP GROUP GROUP
And until lately, up all night on this site pretending to be students, pounding away...trying to intimidate, ranting and raving.

It is crazy,, and confusing!

Message to AMF
Your writings trying to discredit the Sudweeks and Whitmore Academy are falling on deaf ears. The false allegations against the Sudweeks have not hindered their efforts to help families with their children, and have not led to any arrests or criminal charges.
The Sudweeks still have their school and have gotten their licenses, and are doing a good service and God's work.
You even call Tori names, and she is a shining example of how the Sudweeks can turn around a troubled youth.
Mark and Cherly dedicate their lives to helping other people's children, why they barely get a wink of sleep each  night.
No charges have, nor will they be filed because they are innocent!
All your talk of Zoos and kangaroos, gorillas, and drugs is a warped fantasy in your mind.
 We know Mr. Eldridge is not going to do anything legally to them. Mr. Eldridge has real criminals to attend to. It has been 6 months so your ravings are of no use.
Let these fine people go about their work of healing children and families.

First of all, the Sudweeks have not "dedicated" themselves to anything other than making money.  If they were dedicated, they would have all of their buildings up to code.  They would have a regular schedule of classes such as English, Math, History, Science, etc.  These classes would be taught by licensed teachers.

Any "groups" or "meetings" would be led by credentialed people.

If they were "dedicated" they would have licensed people employed at night, to oversee anything that might arise during sleeping hours.  No one with inadequate sleep night after night functions properly.

The "wheels of justice turn slowly," and there are reasons for that.  Investigations take time.

And lastly, it is not the job of the Sudweeks to "do God's work."  It is their job to provide what is stated in their contract.  God and/or church should not even enter the picture.  IT'S A BOARDING SCHOOL not a church school.

Take off the rose-colored glasses, and take a real look at what is going on.


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