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Once, when i was on 1st phase at the same place in D.C. where i started havin' those crazy nightmares, i refused to write my M.I.  It was maybe a little while after i came back from leavin'and i was just sort of not motivating, but i wasn't causin' enough trouble to get thrown on the floor either.  i was pretty much compliant at that point, but i just wouldn't motivate or talk in group.  i hadn't been writing an M.I. since i got back to the program.( see a related story: "A Small Victory")
     The host parents thought they could break me by denying me food.  That night they told me that i wouldn't be allowed to eat anything until my M.I. was done.  Little did they suspect that i had been in the desert tempering my strength by the hand of God. I accepted those conditions as an opportunity to make the timeless gesture of abstaining from food as a form of protest.  Maybe as an expression of captivity i would rather not eat.  Maybe when eating is more demoralizing and leaching than the sustainence is otherwise worth it is better not to eat.  As the truth unfolds i sat there and refused to write or eat that night  While everyone else, around me was writing and eating.
     i knew the host parents had played into my hand.  i knew they were blatently breaking the basic laws of human rights.  The next day in group i reported the incident, probably to some sympathetic 5th phaser.  I heard there was a lot of heavy confronting going on in parent group over the whole thing.  Those ignorant host-parents must 'a' got blasted for leaving an opening for a law suit from a 1st phaser.  
     i knew i had some power,there, after i refused to write or eat that night. i was young and inexperienced though, and i didn't know what to do next.  i should 'a' sued as soon as possible or even filed criminal charges.  If i would 'a' had access to legal counsel i could 'a' carried the fight to a whole 'notha level.
     Just last year or so my folks were visiting me and for some reason felt compelled to pass on information about those same host-parents.  As if i would be concerned to know that the people who held me hostage and tried to manipulte/brainwash me and were willing to exploit my hunger to acomplish their crimes, were doing well and still making money.  Well, actually i forgive them now but i don't want to be around them and i don't like the idea of them still being in contact with my folks like that.  That's fucked up.  
i think my own naivete is beginning to dawn on me.  All this time i thought my parents just made a mistake by putting me in straight.  But now i am beginning to see a clear and established pattern of a serious lack of judgement on their part.
     Dedicated: in the honor of hunger strikers everywhere.  The list of martyrs is endless.
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