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Due to pervasive corruption in US tort law, the Fornits have been forced to seek refuge on a server in a free country.

Here's the story as it came to me. Kelly, Fornits' tech admin, recieved This forwarded email from our hosting provider, essentially demanding that she edit some posts that Sue Scheff complained about. The letter was 90% bullshit and we're working on a point by point rebuttal of it. But with the state of things in the Corporate States of America, a company like Godaddy just can't afford the legal fees to mount a defense every time some idiot con woman threatens a slapp suit. And so we were offline for a short time and had to scramble a bit to get back online. The forum is up and running, but We have a lot of work to do to get the rest of the site back in order.

It is my sincere belief that Sue Scheff is not the least bit frightened by the content that she cites in her complaint. She knows as well as any of us that these guys are just making fun of her and not actually any real threat to her personal safety at all. Rather, the other content and communication that takes place every day on is an ongoing threat to her livelihood. The trouble is that she can't do anything legally to address that very real problem of hers because all people are doing is telling the truth about what she does. She can't make money off of people in her chosen vocation if they can easily find out the truth. But you can't sue someone for telling the truth, hence the falacious, possibly slanderous complaints, threats and law suits (and there are MANY!).

This was a close call! We are fortunate to have been rescued by some talented and dedicated volunteers; some of the finest people in all of Cyberia.

I want to thank :

  • Kelly Matthews, WebDiva extraordinaire, for her tireless effort to rescue the Fornits since the last server disaster and stunning wit and panache to boot.
  • Psybourge, who’s not only devastatingly cute and charming, but also technically skilled and more adept at diplomacy and organization than anyone I know. (Psst! My daughter’s still single!)
  • Rachel for answering the call to find and thoroughly research our new server.
  • Others who shall be nameless for their generous financial and moral support.

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P.S.: I think Sue Scheff is a diabolical sociopath, but that's just my opinion.